Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finishes and framings

It's been nearly a month since I posted any finishes or framings. It's been a bit strange around here. Hubby got angry over a settlement that seemed short on earnings, so opened his mouth and quit his job before his sensible side took over. He's been at his new job three weeks now, and is liking the job but not where the job is sending him. For the first time in his career, he's spending time on the east coast, and not liking it one bit. As much as I love the east coast, I can see his point. Some of the roads over there don't seem wide enough for a horse and buggy let alone a 60 foot tractor trailer combo. And all the roads are toll roads--ok, not all of them but one week he paid nearly $200.00 in tolls. I thought the Chicago area was bad for toll roads.

I turn to my stitching whenever "life" is getting me down, and this time, I made a little dent in my stash. Four finishes, three framings, and a new start, all Little House Needleworks pieces.

First up, Lavender Hill. This is the first chart I bought of LHN's. I picked it up at Cecelia's Samplers in Branson, MO, while vacationing with my parents. I got it to make for my hubby. When he was growing up in Illinois, his mother ran an herb nursery and called it Lavender Hill. Their property in Kingston still wears the name. Shawn wanted me to give this to his mother so I framed it fast, so he could take it with him on Sunday. He's planning on being with his parents this weekend. Whoa! A free weekend for me--that just hit me. (his mother has been ill and just recently got home from hospital. She's doing much better now.) The piece was framed in a pine colored stained frame that I made.

Next is Psalms 145 by LHN. I changed this one a bit--I don't much like red houses so made mine blue but the rest of the piece was completed according to the chart. Those leaves were a pain. 52 of them. I didn't think I'd ever get finished with them. I also decided to leave off the stitchers initials and instead, I stitched our last name, and the date we were married over one thread. I put it in a rosewood stained frame and added that little carving to the top for interest.

I had my last PIF to stitch, so I chose Small Sampler House, again by LHN. It's a freebie that I've had for ages. I thought it would make a lovely, over one thread piece. It turned out so pretty that I stitched it over again but this time I did it over two threads. Framed it in a colonial pine colored frame. (I really like the color of wood and the grain that shows. Bet you figured that out!)

Banshee seems to have mastered the "going outside to potty" so we don't have to watch her so closely anymore. That thrills me no end. She's quite the bundle of energy and luckily, she's found a friend in Shadow the cat.

I started a new project and did take a picture of it, but somehow I managed to delete the photo I took. I'm working on Winter Wonderland by LHN to sew to the Winter Thread Keep. I'd say I'm about half finished with it. After it's completed, I'm going back to Shepherd's Bush, Into the Night. With Halloween in about two weeks, I'd really like to have it finished.

Thank you all for the loving comments you leave. Those comments keep me going, encouraging me to keep on. Autumn came quickly to this part of Indiana, and it has been so much easier to sleep with the colder nights. Thanks for stopping by.


Nicole said...

Wow Debs!! Your framed pieces are beautiful! I love your color changes of the middle LHN. It's so pretty! Sorry, about your dh and having to drive out east. I only did it twice when I drove up to NY, but you are right - there are a ton of tolls! Thankfully, I was prepared for them because I knew about them, but I couldn't imagine having to pay it all the time! Looking forward to seeing your next start! :)

Brenda said...

Beautiful work I love LHN. You do a great job of finishing your work, the frames are just lovely. Brenda

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What great pieces, Deb! I really love the little one that was a freebie pattern. Really cute! Good luck to your DH on his new route - I'm sure it'll take some getting used to!

Siobhan said...

Awww, Debs, sorry to hear that things are frustrating with your DH's job. I know how DH stressing can cause you to stress--been there, done that, I live in the tshirt. :P I love your finishes and framing--great job!

Sharon said...

They are all beautifully done!

Anonymous said...


Rachel said...

All your finishes look great Debs!