Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Dance times 2

Another finish, well, another two finishes. Gentle and Kind by LHN. This was a silk thread pack, and there was nearly enough thread to do both of these. Yup, I did the one the way it was supposed to be done, on 28 count Putty Linen, and the other on the same linen but just over one thread. You might notice that the personalization has NOT been done on either piece. The larger one will be a sister present, and I'm not sure which of my four sisters will be getting it--though I have a good idea which. The mini one is blank because while I know who its going to, its a PIF and a secret so in case that person is reading, I don't want them to know its for them. Hahaha.

So, that's why I've been going a bit over board on the over one stitchings. Seems like lately, everything I stitch, I stitch twice. But, I'll tell you true, that mini took more than twice as long as the full sized one. (But, I think its cuter. What do you think?)

I've run into the problem of the deep red silks bleeding when I iron because I dampen my fabric. Is there any other way of getting out fold lines? Anyway, my son had an idea that really worked. I lay my fabric face down on a towel, as I always iron stitching this way, but after dampening, I lay a paper towel over the back and then iron. Strangely enough, the bleeding bleeds up into the paper toweling instead of into the fabric or towel. Isn't that amazing? The silks used in this thread pack were Crescent Colours Belle Soie, ah so lovely to work with.

And finally, I've framed up Americana Samplings and Pine Tree Hill with frames I had bought ages ago. I pulled out my two tubs of picture frames and sure enough, had a frame for both. I loved the red antique like frame for Americana Samplings.

Off to pull threads for my next project. It's a LHN small one, but its charted for DMC and I want to use Crescent Colours Cottons. So, I'm taking it all outside to match up colors. I've already pulled all the DMC used, now to match them up.

Until next time, stitch on, my friends.


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What great finishes and OMG, I love the over one piece! Your other finishes and framing are lovely and I also really love the red frame.

Deb said...

These area great finishes, and I agree with Terri, the over one piece is stunning. Everything looks so great with the framing. And thought I'd put my two cents on the ironing. I learned a long time ago not to dampen my fabric if there are overdyes or DMC reds. I put it on a towel with a pressing cloth over it and steam. Have never had a problem getting the lines out.

Siobhan said...

Fabulous finishes!! Both the stitching and the framing. I'm impressed with your stitching things twice--and over one. I don't know if I'd have the patience to do either! The frames are perfect.

Casa Pearl said...

A bunch of great finishes! I love the framing.

Anonymous said...

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Best regards of FRANCE, I hope to see you on my FRENCH blog!