Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Smalls

Now that my pin exchange partner has received her package, I can share the stitching part with you. I stitched her Sea Shells, by Victoria Sampler, and finished it into a needlebook/pin keep. I really enjoyed doing this one, and it was on her wish list. She loves the ocean.

And here are my new finishes. The biscornu on the left is Twilight by Indigo Rose. I changed the colors to suit my daughter in law's taste and tonight, I gave it to her. She seemed to like it a lot. The biscornu on the right is also by Indigo Rose, Pretty In Pink, and its a lot smaller than it looks. It came with its own tiny wooden stand, and was a lot of fun to stitch.

These are both Purple Rosebud by Ewe and Eye and friends.

These two fobs were both from the same kit. Incredibly, there was enough fabric and threads for both. The one on the left is done the way the instructions read, with one strand over two threads. On the right, I used two strands over two threads. It was interesting to see the difference in texture and intensity of color in the two fobs. My daughter in law liked the one on the right the best, so she took that one home. Sooner or later, I'll fill her sewing box with smalls.

Now, on to the next exchange. This one will be a designer exchange, and I think I'm going to finish the piece into a bourse. That will be different for me. But, I think I'll wait until tomorrow to pick the fabric and fibers.

Thank you to all of you who read my posts and a special thanks to those who leave comments. I do appreciate the time you take. Visit any time.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Pin Exchange

Today I received my Pin Exchange from our Yahoo group Friends in Thread. Isn't it a lovely package? It was filled with all sorts of pretty things, as you can see. First, the biscornu. Isn't it exquisite? More about that later. Then there are the pins to use with it, hand made by Rachel, from our group. Now those pins are lovely and they'll look really good in the biscornu. In fact, I may parcel them out amongst several of my biscornu's. And look at those scissors, aren't they cute? A little snowman. Now why can't someone figure out a way to make those embroidery scissor size? Wouldn't they be great in our stitching boxes, especially in the winter, when we're working on Christmas gifts? Jodi also sent a lovely pair of earrings with an aqua teardrop at the bottom, a pretty little photo frame with sparklies all around and . . . . . . a skein of Vikki Clayton silk thread in the color Dragon Ice. Jodi, you went way over board on the gifts but I love them all. Thank you.

Here is the biscornu top--isn't it the loveliest thing? See the beaded edging all around? What a perfect color those beads are. See the bead in the middle? It's a pink glass rosebud, isn't that sweet? Jodi, this project really came together perfectly. Rachel did the finishing on this piece, along with making the pretty pins.

This is the other side, could be top, could be bottom. Both sides are different but both sides match and I can't quite decide which side I like the best. What to do? I'm just going to have to find the perfect place to display it, and then every day, flip it over. And don't you just love those little bead loops at the corners? I would never have thought of doing that with the corners. Makes a nice change from the tassels.

Jodi, thank you for making my first Friends in Thread exchange the best ever.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Another birthday gone by

Sorry to be so late with the update this time. You would not believe just how busy we have been.

Another birthday has come and gone, and I'm feeling older than dirt. Nah, not really. It was just a hectic last two weeks, or I would have updated sooner. I had a really nice birthday party. Hubby and I started off the day by going to Berne, Indiana's Swiss Days with my friend Jean and her hubby. Very hot outside. Did a bit of shopping, (got some splendid lace) ate part of a funnel cake, (not the best thing for my diabetes) and was totally relieved to get home to the a/c. After dinner, the family gathered. My daughter in law baked me a scrumptious cake (cherry chip), the kids made me all kinds of gifts--one was even a wrapped nothing. The boys thought that was great fun.

I received: nail polish set with fancies, a cell phone case, a game of "Are you as smart as a 5th grader?", a watch with Eeyore on its face, a glass heart and a fiber optic lamp, and the cross stitch kit "Purple Rosebud" by Ewe and Eye and Friends. There was no wrapped gift from hubby, just a card with cash, promising a trip to House Of Stitches.

I received two lovely gifts in the mail from stitching friends. From Adana, a lovely pin keep, with a bluebird of happiness right in the middle. She did a great job stitching and finishing it. Thanks, Adana. Never again tell me that you can't do finishing well.

My friend Deb sent me a book thong. It is gorgeous to behold, but even better to use. It's a real classy piece, a one of a kind, and the colors are just perfect. Isn't it pretty?

Okay, the trip to House of Stitches took place this past weekend. What a great day from start to finish. My daughter in law decided to go with us, she's becoming a great stitcher, and as hubby had to turn in his paperwork close to where the store is, he joined us. The weather was perfect for the trip--and trip it is, at over two hours one way. He dropped us off and went about his business, and we entered paradise for stitchers. We investigated every nook and cranny, bought leaflets and kits, silks and linens, scissors and laying tools. Fabulous models covered every inch of wall space, and we searched out charts for the ones we fell in love with. Time passed way too quickly, and before I knew it, hubby was back and laughing about the filled basket I was trying to carry. We talked about our shopping the entire way home, and poor hubby, feeling so left out, took a nap. We ended our trip by stopping at the Ponderosa my son manages, and had dinner. It was a perfect day.

My new stash: A lovely kit by Indigo Rose, Pretty in Pink. New silks. A few new leaflets. I didn't take pictures of the fabrics I got, but I got what was specified in the leaflets. And I finally broke down and bought a Just Nan with the whimsy frame, Summer Spell. Its really cute.