Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finally, a new finish

Yes, I finally have a finish to brag about. It's been a long time coming. Before this finish, I had several exchanges to do, and a few Christmas gifts to complete. I wish I'd taken pictures of the gifts I stitched but I didn't. I can tell you about them: I did a stitching set for my granddaughter Kayla. Kayla is 11 and she told her mother a few months ago that she thought she was old enough to have her own stitching scissors. Of course, she is. But, to get a pair of scissors, she needs a scissor fob. So that is what I stitched her, a fob and matching pin cushion. I used a free chart from the Caron website by Carol Tinson and was able to use a free spot on the pincushion to stitch her name on the back. You should have seen her face when she turned that pincushion over and saw her name. "Mom, Grama put my name on it". She was delighted. The other gift I made was for my lovely daughter-in-law, Olivia. I made her the Just Nan Lady Scarlet's Secret Garden. It turned out beautiful, the little pincushion in the shell, the needlebook nearly round--and I'll admit, it was a real pain to finish. Took me longer to finish that set than it did to stitch it.

Okay, on to my finish. It was the above picture, Prairie Sampler by Little House Needleworks. I loved working with the Belle Soie silks--so soft and smooth, covered so well. Now I'd like the entire set. Anyway, I stitched the piece on the called for linen, with the recommended two strands of silk. It was so much fun. I actually started this piece just before we left for Branson, so it took me awhile. But, I kept seeing Nicole's progress pictures and just had to get this finished.

I think my next project will also be by Little House Needleworks, Brave Hearts, and will also be done in the Belle Soie silks. I just have to finish 2 exchanges first.

I've got to show you the gifts I received from a dear friend. She is just so thoughtful. She sent me a beaded "fob". It's supposed to be a cell phone fob, but is being used as a scissor fob, as you can see. I've had two other fobs on my cell phone and broken both of them. I'm not going to allow that to happen to this one. Isn't it pretty? Yes, the little snowman has JOY hanging from him. And she also sent me this cute little necklace, a snowflake baby. It's made of wool, but how it was made, I can't figure out. It's not much more than an inch in length. Isn't it adorable? Such perfection in a tiny size. Thank you, my friend.
Like many other people, I am very glad that this holiday season is behind us. I wish for all of you and for myself, a year of less worries, a year of more finishes, and more fun stitching. A year of children's laughter, husband's smiles, less separation, more togetherness. It was a difficult year, but its now over and we have a new year to mold. God Bless, my friends.