Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Two New Finishes

This is my first new finish, Heart and Home Sampler by Little House Needleworks. Isn't it cute? I loved working this piece, it seemed to soothe me somehow. Why is it that some pieces you fight with, trying to make headway, and some pieces fly way too fast off your needle? This was the later, too soon finished. I opted to go with just stitching the berries instead of using beads. Just liked the way it looked stitched. I used the called for colors, DMC and Crescent Colours Cottons. I'm thinking of doing the tiny, over one thread necklace too.

This is Two Cabins by Nancy's Needle. I finished the sky and windows last night. Really enjoyed stitching on this but it will never take the place of cross stitch for me. I found it difficult dealing with the mounting frame, trying to hold it and stitch at the same time. I would like to do a quilt this way, but a really big one, to hang over our four poster bed. I think that would really be prettty. But, in thinking of that possible project, I think that I could design a geometric quilt in shades of colors and stitch it on linen. Think I'd enjoy it more, also.
I'm almost finished with LHN's Strawberry House. I totally mis-counted on the border and had to frog the entire left side or it would have been finished by now. I think I'll use the buttons on that one to "doll" it up like the designer intended. After that, I have a birthday exchange to decide a project for and a Shepherd's Bush (several in fact) that I want to do. It's been way too long since I've done one of their projects. And I'm several sheepies behind on their sheep series.
Stitch on dear friends. I'll try not to take so long for my next post.
I have tried, several times, to edit this post and put spaces between the paragraphs. For some reason, Blogger won't let me do this. And since my dh is hoping for dinner that will actually be served sometime tonight, I have to let this post stand as it is. Perhaps some other time Blogger will allow some changes, and editing. Thanks for reading.