Thursday, July 29, 2010


No, it can't be. Two months since my last post? And I was whining about hot weather then too? Okay, so it's been hot, very hot and humid here since Spring. What's up with that? No nippy nights, cool mornings and warm afternoons. Just heat. Ick. I just don't like the intense heat. I can't seem to think. Maybe that's why I've been missing in action.

The truth really is that I didn't have much to say or share. I don't go out much, or do much but sit at home and stitch while the tv is on, or read, or go visit the grandkids, or have them visit me. I do house cleaning as little as is humanly possible, but the dog sheds so I have to vac sometimes. So, I do try to keep the house clean, which is now possible with DH going back on the road. I didn't remember him to be such a slob until he was home every day. And going back on the road, he's making more money and the bills are finally getting caught up.

So, what have I been doing these past two months? Hmm. Can't remember doing much in June at all. Some stitching, some reading, and all that. But in July, we had a family wedding. My niece Cate was married in Holland, Michigan on July 3rd. Oh, she did us so proud. She was a beautiful bride. She planned out her reception at the Piper Restaurant on the night they would be doing fireworks. DH and I went up to Holland and stayed that weekend with my parents and had just a wonderful time. As hot as it was during the day, it was cool at night, with the breezes coming off Lake Michigan, and through all the pine trees.

Then my new granddaughter Angel had her 4th birthday, that was fun. Grama and Grampa got her a big baby doll and clothes, and a diaper bag, with all the goodies. I think she sang Happy Birthday to herself for three days straight. She is so adorable. She's going to have a new Sibling for a Christmas present.

That brings us to this week. Monday, I had a birthday. Number 57. Why would that age hit me so hard? 50 didn't do it. 55 didn't do it. But this one kind of hit me in the head. I had a great birthday. My youngest son and his wife gave me two lovely tops and a hardcover book, which I jusst finished reading. Oldest son gave me a mini party on Monday. He and his wife brought over a cake, pizza and presents. It was so thoughtful of them. (the presents were Boyd's Treasure boxes. I've been collecting them since they first came out.) Saturday DH is taking me shopping so I can pick out my gift (s). Hope he's prepared.

Stitching. Yes, I have been doing some stitching. My last post I showed LHN's Needle and Thread, the completed stitching and the finished fob. I used the larger piece for a box topper and it looks like this:

Took me nearly a week to get the finish on the box the way I wanted it. I've done nothing inside except for stain and seal, want to line the bottom with fabric, and perhaps some fabric loops to hold scissors, threads, a pin cushion, etc. I plan on making all of my granddaughters some kind of sewing box.

I started stitching on LHN's Little House Neighborhood, but I'm a bit stalled about half way. So, as this was my 'birthday weekend', I picked up LHN's Singing the Blues and have that nearly done. It was so nice getting back to the silks. So, here is where I am with those two projects:

And I've gotten two packages from my friend in France, Marylin. The first package she sent was pretty much missing in action and we both figured it had been destroyed, so she sent me another one. But, after many many weeks, the first package arrived, via Argentina, so here is a picture of the things she sent, and the lovely stitching she made me:

Isn't this little girl the sweetest thing you've ever seen? And Marylin did such a great finishing job with it, the ribbon on the sides. It is proudly residing in my china cabinet on display.

Then yesterday, my best friend sent me a birthday package, and this was what was inside:

I was so totally shocked. These are handmade coffee mugs, from the fragrant mushroom , a store where she works, pouring candles. Aren't these the most gorgeous mugs you've ever seen? She said she sent two so DH would have one also, but I told her, absolutely NOT. He takes his mugs outside so I'd just save the extra for when she comes to visit. She also sent me a Shepherd's Bush kit that was on my wish list, Blue Snowman.

So, all in all, I had a wonderful Birthday, summer isn't going too bad, and I'm getting caught up on my reading. I'm just ready to start Stieg Larrson's "The girl who kicked the hornets nest", picked it up at the library yesterday. I wasn't sure I was going to like this trilogy when I started the first one, but WOW, these books can haunt you. It seemed like I had to wait forever for this book to get back to the library.

Now I'm going to try and download all my photos, and once again, apologize for how horrible my picture taking is. I'm sorry it took me so long to get this update done and I'll try not to let it go this long again. Happy stitching everyone!