Friday, July 13, 2007

Indigo Rose "Messages"

Seemed to take me a good long time to get this piece stitched up. I'm not sure quite why it took so long, what you see is what you stitch--no stitching on the back or inside. Stitched with four colors of Waterlilies (Moss, Steel, Cherry Cordial and Antique Brass) on 28 count linen, lined with fabric, with beaded edging. Now that edging took me most of the night to complete. Not that I'll ever use this--my desk gets much too dirty and dusty, but I like stitching items that I can actually use. And if you can't figure out what it is, it's a cover for a telephone message pad. I think that is the best of cross stitching, to make something that you can use in every day life, and make your life more colorful, more artistic. Isn't that just the greatest gift you can give yourself or others?

On the other side of life, my grandchildren have moved into our little town and are now close enough to walk to Grama's house. They've been here about a month, and I've seen more of them in that time than in the last year. It's been fabulous. We've been playing kick ball, and going swimming, having dinners together--tomorrow evening we're going to see the new Harry Potter movie. My lovely daughter-in-law has been over to stitch with me, and I've got her hooked on Shepherd's Bush Americana pieces. My grandson wants to learn to stitch. I am really enjoying life this summer, even with the heat and humidity. 'They are so close by, that when my husband got home today and the grandsons found out he was home, over they came to wrestle with him. In the living room, too. I am loving it, totally. This summer is going to go by way too fast.