Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Many, many more

Its been probably a month since I last posted, and man, I've been busy! This is going to be a long post, with lots of pictures, so go grab a Pepsi, or a cup of tea/coffee, and get comfy in your chair. Maybe a pillow for your stitch butt? (thanks Siobhan for that delicious and oh, so, perfectly true phrase!) I hope you enjoy what I've been up to for most of March and a bit of April.

I've not just been stitching, although a lot of that has been going on. This past week, I've worked on framing some pieces that have been lanquishing in the tub, praying that a frame would bring them to be hung on the wall. So, some of these you have already seen before, a few are new finishes.

First, my finish and framing of LHN's Sea to Shining Sea. This has been temporarily framed. Temporary because I absolutely HATE the frame and have plans to make another one as soon as I can get my hands on different molding. But, at least, you can see what it looks like completed. And thanks to all of you that encouraged me to NOT frog. It doesn't look too bad, in my opinion.

Next up is Val's Stuff, "Home is where your cats are". I stitched this for my son Chad. I changed the colors a bit--the black cat was supposed to have green eyes while the gray cat had gold eyes. Well, our black cat has gold eyes and the gray one has green so that was one change. Neither cat has a pink nose so that was also changed. I think I also changed out the color on the house because I didn't have the charted color--but it was a close match.

My last NEW finish came after I had made up frames, so it got left out. Here is Wishing Sheep, by Shepherd's Bush. Isn't he cute, with his birthday cake?

The rest are just frame jobs, in no particular order:

Fright by Shepherd's Bush

Jingle by Shepherd's Bush

Come by Shepherd's Bush

My Garden by Shepherd's Bush

My Heart's Garden by Shepherd's Bush

Snow by the Trilogy

Halloween by Drawn Thread (also for Chad--loves Halloween. It was his idea to put the silver spider on this piece instead of the 4th black button)

And while I was waiting for varnish to dry, and the framing to be completed, I started a new LHN piece called the Needleworker. I am really enjoying this piece and already have plans on framing and where to hang it. Should only take a few more days to get this done. I'm stitching it on Vintage Examplar 32 count, with the recommended Crescent Colour overdyed cottons.

If you have lasted this long, and waited for all the pictures to load, I thank you. Happy stitching, everyone and thank you so much for visiting and all the lovely comments you leave. I hope the sun is shining in your windows today.