Monday, January 26, 2009

Another small finish

I think I'm on a roll, at least with smaller pieces and having finishes. This is the new Shepherd's Bush 2009 Scissor Fob. I think the ribbon took longer than the rest of the finishing. Please, can someone tell them to go back to the cording around the outside? Makes a much more useable scissor fob. I did enjoy the stitching of this one. The fabric color is just mouth watering. It's called Seafoam green but it looks more aqua than green.

I used a pair of antique scissors that I got on eBay just for display purposes. I hope to be able to find a pair of "Roberta" Ginghers to go with this fob eventually.

Next up? Not sure, but I'm leaning towards SB's Winter Sampler shop exclusive. It came with an absolutely adorable mat.

Thanks for again stopping by, and for all the lovely comments you leave. Stitch on, and keep warm.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Tiny Finish--Framed

I didn't have time to get the camera out, so a scan will have to do. This is 'Where there is life', (LHN) stitched over one and framed. I chose to paint my frame a pale green and then sanded it to make it look time-worn. Since this was such a small framed picture, instead of the hanging hardware on the back, I've drilled a hole for a small piece of dowel rod, to make it a stand up, stand alone piece. How did I do with the color? I thought about staining it but just had the feeling that would make it too dark.

I'm finished with the front of my SB 2009 Scissor fob and have a start on the back. I'll get moving on finishing that part tonight during Ghost Whisperer--I just love that show. Happy Stitching to all of you and thanks so much for the comments. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Tiny Finish

Yes, indeed, a tiny finish. This is "Where there is life", a compilation kit from Elegant Stitch, designed by Diane Williams of Little House Needleworks, with the threads by Sharon Crescent of Crescent Colours. I loved this piece but after seeing Lois' finish over one, I decided I just had to stitch it that way. I was a little bit disappointed in the colors used--my "clay pot" looks nearly the same as the "second-hand rose", and the colors used in the house, "country lane" and "bunny honey" seemed to be reversed on the chart. (I always use the darkest brown for the roof.) Those problems were simple to fix, and I love that Lois is always doing these Breast Cancer awareness pieces. I know my picture is pretty poor--I just put it on the scanner but I'll take a better picture when I have it framed. I made the frame this afternoon, and if I can decide on a color for it, it will be ready in a flash.

This is not the first time I've done an entire project 'over one' but with my eyesight, I do find it difficult to stitch. I'm very proud that I actually finished it. (I had second thoughts about the over one while I was doing the border, which was the first part I stitched, but as I'd cut the fabric in half, no going back.) And there was that "perfect timing" about the finish--yesterday, my new Shepherd's Bush kits came: Winter Sampler and 2009 Fob. I was determined NOT to start the fob until this piece was done--so now that it is done, on to the fob. My project to start tonight. Very thrilled I am. And the icing on the cake? Mr. DH is finally home after being out on the road for 17 days without a home visit. Can you say dirty laundry? Ick.

Until next time, dear friends, keep those needles flying, and only stitch what you enjoy stitching. Life is way too short to waste time stitching on something you don't like.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

UFO now a finish!

Here it is, Shepherd's Bush "FRIGHT", finally done. I really like how this one turned out. It's so pretty. (Yup and it's another one that eldest son has put his name on since the theme is Halloween.) You probably can't see it, but the fabric is distressed, and the fibers are silk, with the variegated thread Autumn Foliage by Threadgatherer.

That makes at least three UFO's that I've done in the last month. I'm so psyched about that. Of course, I have plenty more to get done, but I'm feeling righteous so . . . . . a new project. I'm thinking of starting LHN's 'Where there is hope' but I'm really tempted to get started on her 'Winter Whites', that Nicole started. It looks so pretty and wintery--and here in Indiana, it is certainly winter. Our high for today was -1 and right now, we're at -4 degrees. Just too too cold. We did get a bit of snow yesterday, so when I look out the front door my car is simply a white mound. I'm staying indoors to keep warm. I've been keeping busy, with laundry mostly, and some minor picking up. As soon as dinner is over, then I'll pick which new project to start on. I'm sort of leaning towards the 'Where there is hope', but I'm trying to decide if I want to do it over one or over two threads. Wouldn't it be neat to have that as a miniature? Decisions, decisions. If my order from Shepherd's Bush had come, there would be no decisions to make--I'd have started the 2009 Fob immediately--it's really adorable. But, from what I understand, the Bush is awaiting an order of ribbon for the kit and they won't be sending any out until it arrives. Boo, hoo.

I'm off to make dinner and then head for my stitching nest and an afghan for my feet. Hope all of you are keeping warm, and enjoying your stitching. Stitch on dear friends. And for those on the other side of the pond, keep cool, stay out of the sun, and send a bit of the warmth our way.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Come Tarry and a new finish

After more than two years, I can finally hang "Come Tarry" by Shepherd's Bush on the wall. For that long, I've had a blank spot waiting for this piece and now I can fill it. I really enjoyed working on this, as I love long narrow band samplers and Shepherd's Bush have the best ones. (In my opinion.) I did change the piece a tiny bit--I changed the pudgy's hair color and made it a lot longer--the braid that is. That was done to make the pudgy resemble myself--I used to have hair that color-before it all turned gray and white and faded out. And I still have long hair, just not quite as long as the braid I gave the pudgy.

I took some close up shots of the top, middle and bottom of the piece, to show more detail. What do you think of the frame and the color? I was just so tired of staining the wood. And no, the color isn't light yellow but the color of heavy cream.

And here is my newest finish. A small piece, again by Shepherd's Bush, called "Come". The end result was a bit lighter than I thought it should have been but these were the colors that came in the kit. Haven't decided on a finish finish--if you know what I mean. Frame? Make into a pinkeep? A cube? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for looking, and get those needles smoking! I hope to be back soon, with another finish. I'm stitching and half done with Fright by Shepherd's Bush. I love reading your blogs and seeing your finishes. Those finishes encourage me. Stitch on.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I've been FRAMED!!!

I finally got into the back room, got my power tools out, and got some stitchings framed. Can you believe that? It's been simply ages. Unfortunately, I missed taking pictures of most of the projects. Yep, Lil Miss Too Much To Do forgot about taking pictures until after 6 of the projects were wrapped up and ready to give as gifts. I was so mad. And then I forgot to take my camera home to take pictures when the recipients opened the gifts. I still have "Come Tarry" to frame but as it's going to be a huge frame, I needed to make sure I had enough molding for the gift frames first. That one will come tomorrow and I can't wait. Seems like I've had that Shepherd's Bush piece done for years.

First up, the gift for my daughter-in-law, Brown House Studio's American Sampler. It was stitched with the recommended WDW's threads over one on Belfast Linen. She really liked this design when we saw it at House Of Stitches. She was very surprised when she opened this gift.

Prairie Sampler by Little House Needleworks

Holly and Berries by Little House Needleworks

Thread Gathering by Little House Needleworks

Autumn Blessings by Shepherd's Bush

Stripes by Shepherd's Bush

The rest of the framed pieces were for the house here. Prairie Sampler, Holly and Berries, and Thread Gathering by Little House Needleworks, and Shepherd's Bush Autumn Blessings and Stripes. At least I think its called Stripes--it has been forever since I stitched it. It was the first design I thought to give to my brother-in-law--until I found Brave Hearts. Yep, that was one that also got framed, along with Morning Berries, Strawberry House, and Drawn Thread's Spring Spot that I forgot to get a picture before wrapping.

Until next time, dear friends, stitch on and don't forget to get those lovelies framed or finished for all of us to drool over. And take lots of pictures before you wrap!