Thursday, February 26, 2009

Traveling Stitcher

Instead of working on LHN's Sea to Shining Sea, I decided to put it aside (I was so tired of that blasted border) until I had the last installment--oh, who am I kidding? When I saw Traveling Stitcher, I couldn't resist starting it. It is a gorgeous piece from market. I had to wait a few days to be able to afford the finish kit and nearly had the larger piece done before it arrived.

This came as a chart pack with the Crescent Colours necessary for completing it. It is stitched on 32 count Lambswool linen, one of my favorite linens. I enjoyed every minute working this piece. After getting the needlebook done, and both pieces sewn onto the finish kit, I decided that the "set" really needed a scissor fob.

For the fob, I took the letters for "scissors" off the larger piece (the capital 'S' from the personalization alphabet included) and charted all the letters on graph paper. I used the border from the needlebook making it smaller across and longer lengthwise. Inside, I graphed the left side house and the stitcher, along with some grass for the house to sit on. The back side (not shown) simply has the same border and the blackbird from the fence.

This is a great design and it was a lot of fun to stitch. Miss Diane once again has a winner. (of course, lol).

Side note, if any of you reader/stitchers sews at all, you'd do best to make your own finish kit. As pretty as the fabric is, the work put into the finish kit was not worth the money I paid. It could be that as I've been machine sewing since I was five (5) that I've become more of a perfectionist than normal. I was not impressed with the workmanship in the finish kit I received. The needlebook wasn't even "even" front to back. The envelope was simply two pieces of fabric with quilt batting sandwiched between, top stitched to form a 'pocket'--the needlebook was the same except that it folds in half and the top stitching catches a piece of felt for needles.

I'm sorry if I'm hurting anyone's feelings or offending anyone but I think that us stitchers need to stick together. In this day and age, where chart prices are rising, and hand-dyed linen is almost too expensive to use, we should be able to expect to get our money's worth. The price of the Little House Needlework chart pack with thread was very fair, simply the cost of her average chart and the cost of the threads. More than worth the cost to have all the threads right there to use.

Okay, off my soapbox now. It's been a terribly gloomy day here for all that it was warmer than normal. Rain instead of snow--woohoo! Back to working on my Sea To Shining Sea, as the last installment is due in my mailbox early next week--and I have so little of the border left to complete.

On a parting note, let me share a picture I took of our sweet kitties, the ones that share my lap with my needlework most nights. It took several months for them to make friends. For the first few months, if Shadow was sleeping in my lap, Spooky would jump up and lay right on top of her. Now they share lap space, lol. Spooky is the black cat and Shadow is the grey ring tailed cat. This picture shows them sitting on the back of my chair, watching the early birds.

Until next time, keep those needles flying.

Monday, February 09, 2009

SNOW by the Trilogy

Okay, okay, I'm on a roll with small projects. This is SNOW by the Trilogy. The picture came up a bit crooked on the scanner, but I'm not going to photograph it until its framed. The picture frame is done, just needs to be painted--blue to match, hopefully, the blue of the border. I had plans of pulling out something larger to stitch, but as I was looking through my stash of kits (I didn't want to dig out floss and fabric) outside it was very cold, and this little snowman appealed to me. I did change one item--the snowflakes around the snowman were regular cross stitches, which I changed to smyrna stitches. Makes them stand out a bit more. This was stitched with Weeks Dye Works and GAST overdyes.

On to a bigger project. Once SNOW was finished, I pulled out LHN's From Sea to Shining Sea. I was inspired by Nicole and her work on her's. She's nearly done and I'm still working on the border chart. I started this piece when it first came out, but the border overwhelmed me. It seemed to go on forever. I am working on it now, and am getting close to being able to work on the interesting parts, the individual houses.

That's all for now, I'm going back to my stitching. Our weather has turned fairly warm so I'm thinking of washing my car tomorrow. Hubby is off, back on the road, thank heavens. There is only so much mud I want to clean up every hour! But, he works hard, so if you pray, pray for him to be safe. He's headed towards Dallas, TX. Stitch on, dear friends, and thank you so much for all the lovely comments you leave me. They are very much appreciated.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Gift

This year for Christmas, my friend Jodi sent me a threadkeeper. Her father is Max Bloom of Bloom Woodworks, and he makes wonderful threadkeepers, of all shapes and sizes. I have wanted one of these to mount a stitching on, and this one seemed perfect. The other threadkeepers I have that her father made are in shapes, and not really suitable for a stitching. (one is a really cool looking bat, the other a jumping bunny) I had several ideas for this one, but decided to go with a Little House Needlework house, in my choice of colors. It was stitched with Belle Soie Silk, the main house color being Blue Heaven, on Flax linen in 28 count. Really wish I could have found a piece of 32 count in this color. Mounted on batting covered mat board, and laced in the back, the cording is twisted linen thread. I think it turned out great, being my first one.

Now, I'm thinking a mini sampler for the next one? Perhaps my favorite bands from Shepherd's Bush samplers? I'm thinking I need to place an order for a few more of these lovely pieces.

Thank you, Jodi, for this lovely gift. And thanks, Max, for your wonderful talent.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Framed Finish

Seems like lately all I've had are small finishes. This one, at least, I got framed right after finishing. This is Winter ABC by Shepherd's Bush. The mat was included in the kit. It was fun stitching this one--here in Indiana, it was frigid the entire time so stitching on a snowman was quite apt. I tried to get the same color in my frame as they used with the dark mat and blue fabric. Now to find a place to hang this piece.

I've been working on a stitching to decorate a hornbook thread keeper that I received for Christmas. I hope to be back in a day or so with the results. The stitching is completed.

I really do need to find something larger to stitch on but these "instant gratification" small pieces seem to be addictive. Until next post, keep warm, (or cool) and keep interested in your stitching. You are leaving behind a legacy that will live on.