Sunday, April 27, 2008

Smalls RR and SAL progress

This installment of our yahoo group Smalls RR comes from Jodi, to me. I think its a BBD but am not really sure. Isn't it adorable? She sent it to Kathy, another member of our group, for finishing. It's actually a combination pinkeep and flat fold, which I find a very interesting combination. There are two tiny ribbon hinges at the top--what a great job.

I'm having a lot of fun with this Smalls RR. This time, I stitched an ornament by LHN from the JCS ornament issue, for Jodi. Of course, I forgot to take a photo before sending it on. Next up is Laura, and a Halloween design for her. That should be really interesting. And means, I get to go stash diving to find the perfect chart.

If anyone has an idea for the perfect Halloween ornament, please let me know. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, April 25, 2008

More Progress Reports

Its about time to give you all another progress report on my projects. I started a SAL with Nicole, on Wool Needlebook and Fob by LHN last night. So the picture has two evenings work on it. Its coming along really well. I think I like it so much because of the sheep on it.

Hope I can keep the pictures straight in my post. Next up is Brave Hearts. I'm more than 1/3 the way done. Its so much fun and looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. When its done, I'll tell you all why I decided to stitch this piece and who will be getting it as a gift.

Next is my progress on Honor Thy Needle which I'm doing as a SAL with my yahoo group, Friends in Thread. I did NOT get much done on it last Sunday. All day long, I kept heading towards my stitching chair and have company arrive. I think I was able to get all of an hour in on it.

And last but not least, a few finishing finishes. I've had the tiny pail stitching done for years--found it when I was cleaning out a project box. The Nantucket basket pincushion I stitched the other day, and decided to do the finishing on it when I did the tiny pail. The tiny pail was a kit that my friend Beth brought me back from a vacation to Florida.

I appreciate all the comments you are leaving. They have brought me comfort in difficult times, and made me feel not quite so alone here. You guys give me the warm fuzzies--there! I said it.
For those that have asked about the pincushions, the designers are: tiny pail, Hillside Samplings, and Pins and Needles, Olde Colonial.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Progress Reports

Its been quite some time since I posted a finish. Why? Because I haven't finished anything lately. Okay, yes, I did finish a small piece for our Friends in Thread Smalls RR but I'm not posting the picture because my partner doesn't know what I stitched as yet. When she receives it, I'll post it.

I've been working on two projects exclusively, since I finished the small piece. Brave Hearts by Little House Needleworks and Honor Thy Needle, by Twisted Oaks. The last is being done as a SAL and we're working on the piece on Sundays. Since the entire thing is being stitched over one, its slow going and I don't have much to show. Just don't laugh, please. I changed out the pale green linen for a Belfast that I dyed myself, a pale country blue. Matches DMC 3853, ultra light antique blue. Brave Hearts is working up great. I don't have a ton done on it, but what is done, I'm really liking how it looks. I'm doing it in Belle Soie--once again, if you haven't tried these, you owe it to yourself to stitch something with them. Heaven for your fingers. I'm working it on the required linen, Natural Raw Linen but using the 32 count instead of the 28 count. Coverage with one strand of silk is fabulous.

Spring cleaning is under way here in our little house--took me three days just to clean out the closet and my dresser. Tomorrow starts the cleaning and organizing of the stash room, again. I will admit, I'd rather be stitching but cleaning the stash room is fun. My biggest problem with that room is that my sewing is in there, along with both machines, a table for them, and the bed takes up a lot of room. Of course, it still does double as a guest room--with NO room for a guest! There just has to be a better way to fit everything in there.

Spring has finally arrived in this neck of the woods, today being a balmy 76 degrees and sunny. Another progress report as soon as I have something to show.