Monday, May 12, 2008

Messes, and more

I had planned an update to the SAL that Nicole and I were doing. Yes, I have finished the stitching and most of the finishing for the Wool Needle book and Fob--still have to find a button, and put cording around the fob. Went back to work on LHN's Brave Hearts and I've finished the wording, and started work on the sheep--but pictures will have to wait for another day. Just too much needs doing right now.

The ladies of our Yahoo group have been comparing stash "messes". You know, when you walk into the room where you store your stash, and can't find anything because you pulled something out (many, many times) and didn't put it back in the right place, and all around you are piles of wonderful fibers and linens, charts and kits just begging to be worked on--and you feel you need a guide dog to lead you out of the room--that's the kind of mess I mean. Here is mine.

This picture was taken standing out in the hallway and that green cabinet is in the middle of the room. I had to move things around a bit to get my new hutch in here. But, you can see the general disorder of the place. Isn't it pathetic?

And this is the bed--or can't you see the bed under the pile of general "stuff"? Yes, there is a bed under all of that.

OH, my, there are the pillows, and a peek at my new hutch. And see, more "stuff" in bags on the floor. This is a very tiny room, not even a closet to hide anything in.

This is my sewing table. It's a library desk, very old, but sturdy enough to hold my sewing machine and serger, which you can't see because that nine drawer mini chest is in the way. And is that a "little Mermaid" purse of my granddaughter's? Yes, indeed, and she's now 7 and way too old for it. So, why is it still in this room?

This is the foot of the bed. I finally got the cabinet moved up against the wall so I can walk in the room. I'm thinking the best idea for me is to take everything that is piled up all over, out of the room, stack it on the dining room table and go from there. I did that last week, and did get a lot of things put away, and organized, but then the weekend came rolling in, we needed the table to eat at, so hence, the mess on the bed again. ARGGGG!

I did get a small start on making my room look a bit better, and that was the hutch hubby bought me for storage. We found it on clearance at K Marts last weekend, DS1 helped me put it together and we got it put in here. I just love it. I can use a bit of the area on top for "show and tell" and the rest for fabrics, yarns, finishing fabrics, and all sorts of things. It's 6 feet of lovely and usable storage. Want to see a picture of it?

I think its gorgeous. Those two little drawers are perfect for holding new items, thread drops, new overdyes, small things that haven't found their own space. The two bottom doors are hiding a ton of yarn, but there is still half the space waiting to be filled. Still some space on top. Those baskets are holding linens, and see on the top shelf? There is my Little Traveler for taking my stitching on the road, a few pretties that were made for me, and my hand finishing box of supplies. On the very top of the cabinet is a basket of SB kits, that didn't fit into the huge basket I have for them. Guess I need to get stitching. Up there is also my other stitching bag, it's one of those messenger type bags, and holds a lot of supplies.
So, there you have it. I'll be cleaning and taking update pictures so as to encourage myself and others to get your stash organized. After this is done, it's on to my stitching area in the living room. And next time, I will have pictures and updates from the SAL and my Brave Hearts. Until then, Happy Stitching!


Susan said...

Very nice, hutch, Debs. I need one of them. I love the Little Traveler Vera Bradley bag - I have one of them, and use it every weekend, as I go away most weekends. It's the perfect size for holding a couple of projects, and anything else that I need for the weekend (other than clothes).

Nicole said...

Debs, I love the cabinet! That's exactly what I was needing for the new condo. I love it! I'm going to be checking the K-marts around me.

Rachel said...

LOL Debs, it so comforting to see that other people have piles too! I love that hutch! Looking forward to seeing your progress :)

Sandra said...

If I didn't live so far away, I would offer to come and help you tidy everything, I love tidying and who knows what you might find.

Einschies blog said...

Yohoooo after seeing your mess pics, I thing I can show mine too, they are looking nearly the same, but not worse ;-)))