Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mother's Day Silks and Update to Stash Room

This is what I received for Mother's Day from my darling hubby. Isn't it gorgeous? Its the full line (so far) of Belle Soie Silks, from Crescent Colors. Wasn't he just the most thoughtful of men? He knows I've been wanting these for a long time, since I first used them for LHN Prairie Sampler. Personally, I think they are the nicest silks on the market, and even one strand covers well.

Here is more of a close-up of the colors. I am so wanting to start a project with them right NOW, but I'll be patient and wait until I finish LHN Thread Gathering. I'm enjoying it and its starting to look really nice now. And when its done, I'll hang it up, over the door of my stash/guest room.

Now, on to the update to the cleaning of my stash room/guest room. I have to quantify that all the time because I sort of feel guilty having an entire room, albeit a small room, dedicated to stitching. I uploaded all the pictures in order, but somehow Blogger decided to rearrange them, so instead of trying to upload them all over again, I'll leave them as is, and hope you can manage to see the room as a whole. Okay, so the bed didn't get totally cleaned off. That bag you see at the end of the bed is full of fabric to make two blankets, and very hard to find a place for. I'm just going to have to get those blankets made up and given out, and get that out of the room. You can just see the circle of silks that I laid out, my Brave Hearts laid on the pillow for picture taking, and a few other things that need stowing away. You can also see my wall of Told in a Garden Bookmark stitchings. Am I showing my age yet? I think I did all but 2 of those.
This picture was to show the top of my big Ugly, where I store baskets, stuffing and quilt batt, and its the corner of the room opposite to the bed. This picture was taken from the doorway so you can see that the room is quite small.
This is the same green chest from the last picture--it stores all of my charts and leaflets. I've never found a really good use for this piece, until I noticed that the charts fit in perfectly. This is a handmade piece and I just love it. Would have rather it be a different color though.
This is that library desk that you couldn't see at all in my last post. You can see it a bit better now. My two sewing machines, magazines stored underneath, and a lone bag of fabric that I'm not sure what to do with yet. On the right is my rolling shelves for beads, and I haven't touched it yet. It needs to be better arranged so that things don't fall off so often, LOL.
This is my little ugly, it sits on the wall next to the door, and houses my kits. There's another picture, that should have been right after this one, showing how I've organized the inside. And that is my cheap-o stash room stereo, and right above that, is one of my old stitchings, one of the first I'd done.

Well, what do you know? They actually put the picture in the right spot. It looks messy, doesn't it? But on closer inspection, it really isn't. The top shelf has kits that come in those plastic envelopes and in front, my cord maker. The next shelf are smaller kits, and I have them arranged in three boxes and that green organizer is full of scissors. The next shelf are those kits that come in the hard plastic boxes, mostly silk gauze kits. Also, thats where I've stored the Sudberry pincushions, pretty porcelain boxes, thread keepers by Max Bloom, etc. Bottom shelf is pretty much the same, just different kits, along with my collection of amish quilt kits. Remember those?
And here is the inside of my lovely new china cabinet. I got the baskets at Kmart's also. The baskets hold my stitching fabric, and a basket underneath holds finishing fabrics. The top shelf has my perle cotton balls, and some specialty fibers. The drawers are holding my new silks, some Crescent Color cottons, and some of my newest pretties.
The bookcase in the back holds magazines, for the most part, the small basket, and the large basket hold Shepherd's Bush kits. The little drawers there beside the china cabinet hold specialty fabrics, like linen banding and such.
On top of the bookshelf of magazines is this lovely cabinet--its supposed to be a spice rack, no kidding--I got it at Target a long time ago, and it holds a myriad of things: beads, charms, silk embellishment kits for Drawn Thread kitlets, Just Nan embellishments, Victoria Sampler threads, charms for SB stockings, you name it, its probably in there.

Next post, the start of LHN Thread Gathering. Now, I'm off to have dinner and get in a bit of stitching before Hubby wakes up and starts emailing me. Darn Blackberry! As always, I welcome your comments, and any advise that will help me clean up this room even more.


Alison said...

Debs, those silkies are gorgeous! Tell me, did you roll in them?? I think I would've. :) Love your room too.

Susan said...

Wow! What a sweet DH you have! Happy (belated) Mother’s Day!

I know I said this last time, but I really love your new china cabinet – it’s perfect for storing (and displaying) your stash. Nice find!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Jane said...

Wow Debs, what a thoughtful Hubby you have. Enjoy those threads!

manu s kram said...

hi debs, i love your stash your husband is very sweet, a nice mothersday gift .
hugs manu