Sunday, April 27, 2008

Smalls RR and SAL progress

This installment of our yahoo group Smalls RR comes from Jodi, to me. I think its a BBD but am not really sure. Isn't it adorable? She sent it to Kathy, another member of our group, for finishing. It's actually a combination pinkeep and flat fold, which I find a very interesting combination. There are two tiny ribbon hinges at the top--what a great job.

I'm having a lot of fun with this Smalls RR. This time, I stitched an ornament by LHN from the JCS ornament issue, for Jodi. Of course, I forgot to take a photo before sending it on. Next up is Laura, and a Halloween design for her. That should be really interesting. And means, I get to go stash diving to find the perfect chart.

If anyone has an idea for the perfect Halloween ornament, please let me know. Thanks for visiting.


Nicole said...

Debs, that is so pretty! I think it's part of a thread pack by LHN. Comfort maybe? I know because it's one I've been wanting to stitch for awhile now. :)

Susan said...

Very cute, Debs!

Vonna said...

Hi Debs,
Hello, nice to meet a fellow Hoosier. No I'm not part of the Hoosier Stitchers, I don't know anything about them. If you'd like to e-mail me anytime to chat, my e-mail is on my blog, but also here it is:

I've added your blog to my reader! I don't know any Hoosier Stitcher's that have blogs besides Laural :)