Monday, August 13, 2007

Pin Exchange

Today I received my Pin Exchange from our Yahoo group Friends in Thread. Isn't it a lovely package? It was filled with all sorts of pretty things, as you can see. First, the biscornu. Isn't it exquisite? More about that later. Then there are the pins to use with it, hand made by Rachel, from our group. Now those pins are lovely and they'll look really good in the biscornu. In fact, I may parcel them out amongst several of my biscornu's. And look at those scissors, aren't they cute? A little snowman. Now why can't someone figure out a way to make those embroidery scissor size? Wouldn't they be great in our stitching boxes, especially in the winter, when we're working on Christmas gifts? Jodi also sent a lovely pair of earrings with an aqua teardrop at the bottom, a pretty little photo frame with sparklies all around and . . . . . . a skein of Vikki Clayton silk thread in the color Dragon Ice. Jodi, you went way over board on the gifts but I love them all. Thank you.

Here is the biscornu top--isn't it the loveliest thing? See the beaded edging all around? What a perfect color those beads are. See the bead in the middle? It's a pink glass rosebud, isn't that sweet? Jodi, this project really came together perfectly. Rachel did the finishing on this piece, along with making the pretty pins.

This is the other side, could be top, could be bottom. Both sides are different but both sides match and I can't quite decide which side I like the best. What to do? I'm just going to have to find the perfect place to display it, and then every day, flip it over. And don't you just love those little bead loops at the corners? I would never have thought of doing that with the corners. Makes a nice change from the tassels.

Jodi, thank you for making my first Friends in Thread exchange the best ever.


Nicole said...

What a great package! The biscornu is beautiful!

Mindi said...

Lovely package, and the biscornu is gorgeous!

Adana said...

WOW, what a great package, but personally I'm hot for those snowman scissors. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Or maybe I'm just hot!
Sounds like it was a fun exchange.

Anita said...

Wonderful exchange with goodies. Like Adana, I think the snowman scissors are just so cute. I love the biscornu as well.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad you liked everything Debs, and I was happy to have a hand in this :)