Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Gift for a Friend

I've mentioned that I was working on a gift for a friend that I couldn't post until she received it. She got it today, so now I'm free to share with everyone what it looks like.

It started out a kit from Elegant Stitch, called From the Heart, pocket smalls. It took me a while to understand all of Lois' instructions as it was the first project I'd done of hers, beyond the Essy kits. There was a lot of pulled stitches and over one stitching, with perle cotton no less, but I think it turned out really well. After stitching and finishing the scissor fob, for the scissors included in the kit, and the needlebook, I decided the set needed a pincushion. Using the chart for the front of the fob, I enlarged it a bit, to make it square, with the pulled stitches around the outside, and used the rice stitches to make it a bit more colorful. The bottom side only has the pulled stitches. It made a very small biscornu but looked very nice and matched the set quite well.

This set was sent to Beth, Cabin Cross Stitch, with love and gratitude. She knew we have been going through some financial hardships and without even asking, took it upon herself to send me stitching kits. She has, over the last few months, sent me most of the new Shepherd's Bush kits. She's also sent me fabric and other projects we've both had an interest in stitching. Beth, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a friend, indeed.

Side bar. Beth has been trying to start an online cross stitch store, and posted on the SBBB about a sale, to introduce herself to the community of stitchers. She offered a 30% off any item Shepherd's Bush; leaflets, kits, etc. Besides me, she had one person take her up on her offer. So, if there are any of you out there contemplating adding a few more projects to your stash, give her a shout, or send her an email. Her email is: I give you my guarantee, she's the best.

My thanks to you, the readers who leave such encouraging comments.


Katrina said...

The smalls set is truly lovely Deb,what a perfect gift for a friend :)

Adana said...

Those are just lovely and I'm sure Beth will enjoy using them. Your stitching is so perfect and your finishing is just a joy to look at. You're fast becoming a biscornu expert!

Nicole said...

They are all so pretty Debs! Your finishing is perfect! :)