Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finally, a Shepherd's Bush Finish

Yes, you read that right, after weeks and weeks of stitching, I finally have a SB finish to report. And a blue SB--almost unheard of. Not that it took me that long to stitch this--I just couldn't get going on it with so much else in front of me. This was started Sunday afternoon, while hubby was watching the race, and the front was nearly finished before I started dinner. Which, of course, meant that I really resented starting dinner when I could have continued stitching and had a faster finish. OH, well, it's now done, and I'm off to clean out some of my unfinished items. Think I'll stick to the SB ones, like Fright and Jingle that have been started.

Don't you just hate seeing something that you would love to stitch and then you can't find it at any of the online stores? I saw a finish on Legacy Finis forum, Victorian Elegance by Indigo Rose, that I just fell in love with. But, none of the stores I'm familiar with is carrying it. I'm wondering if it's a limited edition piece. It looks fabulous in her Black on White but I think it would look really pretty done on antique lavender linen in a deep purple silk. Or even done on a dark linen with a lovely variegated pastel silk. Oh, the possibilities.


Chelle said...

Have your tried Paw Prints for the Indigo Rose design? It's listed on their "What's New" page. Hope you are able to find it!

Cindy said...

Needlecraft Corner has the Indigo Rose piece, and Criss Cross Row carries it but is out of stock.

Nicole said...

Beautiful Finish Debs! I was just going to say Needlecraft Corner also. I've admired it for quite awhile! :)