Sunday, April 15, 2007

Alyssum Pocket

Finally, a new finish. This one was an easy stitch, Alyssum Pocket by Cat's Whisker, but a very difficult finish for me. I loved the color of the Dinky Dye used, and the silk was really lovely to use. I also liked the shape and everything about it--except the finishing. But, for those of you who are doing it, or have done it, you'll know what I'm talking about.

I'm planning on using the small design of the plant in the vase that is on the back to make a matching fob for the scissors. I've already gotten the design stitched, just have to decide exactly how I want to do the finishing.

Next project? Shepherd's Bush 2007 Scissor Fob, which I've already started this afternoon. Hope to have another finish soon. After that? I have to do some clean up--way too many projects partially completed, and sitting on my table.

My question to all of you? What are you working on? And do you have way too many unfinished projects sitting around your house? And what is the next thing on your stash buying list? I think my next purchase will be Indigo Rose's Victorian Elegance. I saw it finished on Legacy Finis Forum and just fell in love with it. Actually, I'd like to find just the chart as I'd prefer a different color rather than black. I'm thinking a nice lovely deep purple would look smashing. Maybe on antique lavender linen?

As always, I love reading your comments, suggestions, and such, as much as I love reading your blogs. Its just so much fun sharing our love of stitching.


Cindy said...

Very nice finish! You have me scared about the finishing, though :) I have the Red Desert one all stitched and have been procrastinating for several months about the finishing. I guess that I should just go ahead and tackle it :)

Jacqui said...

I'm a new visitor to your blog and I just want to say I love all your work.

Adana said...

WOW, look at you and your flying needle. This is just drop dead gorgeous and it's all about YOUR finishing. Enjoy using it Debs.