Monday, January 22, 2007

Sharing My Gifts

After looking at several blogs which featured gifts the writers had received, I thought I'd do the same. NO, I'm not going to photograph every single gift that I got, just a few special ones.

Most of you don't know that hubby and I collect Boyd's Bears and Hares. This year, we got 4 new ones to add to the collection. Isn't the orangutan cute? His name is Hank. Our eldest son found him. Also from our eldest was a box of stitching tools, which I think are wonderful.

The grandchildren know that Grama loves snowmen. So, everyone of them got me a snowman, of one kind or another. One was a snowman coffee cup which is not pictured.

But, I think one of my favorite gifts was this teddy bear. It was a gift from the eldest son's girlfriend and its a build a bear. She came all dressed up in a lovely red dress with ruby shoes, but came prepared for daily life with this really cute denim skirt, tee shirt and jacket. Looks like she's ready to go for a ride in the truck, doesn't she?

My sister made me a lovely beaded necklace which I'll post about later.

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