Monday, January 08, 2007

A Brand New Year

It's been nearly two months since I've updated this blog--head hung low in shame. Why, you might ask? It's been crazy around here, starting just after I last wrote. That was two weeks before Thanksgiving.

Just after my last post, hubby and I headed for Cleveland, Tennessee, so he could sign on with a new company. It was supposed to last two days. It ended up lasting five days. I packed for two, of course, and what's a woman to do, when she runs out of clothing? Just had to buy more. We had a good time even though the weather was terribly rainy and dismal. We arrived home on Friday, and I was glad to be there.

That Sunday, I was told about company coming for Thanksgiving, in three days! And it was going to be overnight company. We'd just been gone nearly a week, the house was a wreck, and I hadn't bought the turkey. The rush was on. By Wednesday night, the house was clean, the turkey was defrosting and we were waiting on our company.

Jump to the day after Thanksgiving, and I realize, three weeks until Christmas and I haven't started shopping at all. And. . . . . I have five grandchildren. And hubby just started a new job and paychecks won't start for at least a week. Of course, I panic. So, the rest of the month of December was a blur, a rush, and I don't remember hardly any of it. That might be a blessing. Made it through to Christmas morning, the kids were all happy with their gifts, and grinning when they left. My house was once again a huge disaster but this time, I didn't care. Well, not much anyway. Shopping started the day after Christmas for family gifts, as we were leaving that Thursday for Holland, Michigan. Hubby wasn't working that week so we headed for the most incredible shop for gifts that I've ever been in, the D Shoppe in Wabash, Indiana. That wonderful lady that runs the shop even wrapped the gifts for me, for FREE!

Now the holidays are over, its time to sit back, reflect on the year's happenings, the friends met, emails exchanged, projects stitched, and plan on the coming year. Oh, wait, the new year is already here. And that brings me to my favorite subject--stitching. With all the holiday comings and goings, I've not had a lot of time to stitch and actually get anything done. I knitted 10 hats and three scarves for gifts. I've started three different kits, but until today, hadn't finished one stitching project. Here it is, my finished Vintage Red Whitman Set, designed by Fancy Works. It's also my first biscornu.

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