Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A New Look

Isn't my new page lovely? Deb has been helping me get it looking like I want it. She's done a ton of work, teaching me to post links, and add images.

Why did I choose this type of heading? To me, the picture represents the open road--the place where I'm happiest. He drives our truck--and let me tell you, when I start talking, he can't leave the room or turn the television on. I have his complete attention along with the road. Over the years, we have talked so many things out. Like having a private therapist, on retainer, available at all hours. Imagine a closet, with two chairs, maybe six feet wide. Not much lighting. The hum of the road under your feet. Music playing softly in the background. What else is there to do but talk and listen?

Our newest truck isn't set up for two people, so I've been staying home and keeping the fires burning. I've managed to get a lot of stitching done, (and spent a lot on stitching supplies at the same time) and now its time to turn my thoughts to stitching for Christmas. My good friend Adana made me a lovely decorated box for my birthday and it is such a wonderful work of art, I'm thinking of trying my hand at a few as gifts. I have four sisters who, I think, are getting bored with stitched pictures to hang on their walls. This idea would enable me to still stitch for them, while choosing a small chart that fits them perfectly. When I find my camera, I'll take a picture of Adana's gem and show it here. Thank you Adana. I love it.

Maybe I'll go do a bit of house cleaning, and reward myself with some stitching tonight. Have a great day all, and try to keep cool.

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Kath said...

Oh look at you!! Lovely to see you blogging Debs.... I do miss you. Will catch up soon