Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 13, 2006

Got that sampler finished, finally. Still have charms to attach but have to get them first. It was an enjoyable stitch, I've always liked Elizabeth's Designs.

Spent the morning emailing with a friend, you know who you are. Was able to share a memory that needed sharing.

I am hoping that writing in this blog will help me over some of the hurdles of life, and learn how to express myself better. I find myself, at this point in my life, a bit vulnerable to my feelings. I'm hoping to get over that soon--please Lord.

Tonight is UFO night on the SBBB and I'm going to force myself to work on a project my sister wants me to do, and that I hate working on. If I can give it my all one night a week, it might get done in time for Christmas. that would thrill her no end.

Why do I hate this project so much? The entire thing is done in sampler threads, which means working individual stitches through out the entirety of the project. That wouldn't be too bad, if there were solid areas of stitching. Think bricks, tons of bricks, each about 6 stitches and those 6 stitches are three different colors. So, a lot of jumping around to do. Or a lot of starting and stopping. Takes forever to see any kind of progress. I'll just grit my teeth and work on it tonight. Maybe I'll start scanning it and let the reader see if they can find the progress week to week.

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