Monday, July 24, 2006

Drawn Thread SAL with Adana

This is my progress thus far. Had to wait for the fabric to arrive since I don't keep a stock of 40 count. This is Lambswool, and I love working on it. The 40 count is a bit hard to see but looks so lovely. I'm using Vikki Clayton silks, which Adana shared with me, and they are a joy to work with. I'm hoping to finish the Lady's Necessaire tonight, and maybe even get a start on the matching fob.

This is not my usual kind of project. I keep very much to working Shepherd's Bush projects, the colors, the visual impact of them. Doing this was Adana's idea, and a great one it was. We all need to expand our experiences, do new things, try out new fibers and fabrics. Now, if I could only find the Lady's Necessaire box to complete the project.

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Kath said...

You will love Drawn Thread Debs, they are pretty addictive. Looks lovely. Good on Adana for getting you into something new.