Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Come Tarry and a new finish

After more than two years, I can finally hang "Come Tarry" by Shepherd's Bush on the wall. For that long, I've had a blank spot waiting for this piece and now I can fill it. I really enjoyed working on this, as I love long narrow band samplers and Shepherd's Bush have the best ones. (In my opinion.) I did change the piece a tiny bit--I changed the pudgy's hair color and made it a lot longer--the braid that is. That was done to make the pudgy resemble myself--I used to have hair that color-before it all turned gray and white and faded out. And I still have long hair, just not quite as long as the braid I gave the pudgy.

I took some close up shots of the top, middle and bottom of the piece, to show more detail. What do you think of the frame and the color? I was just so tired of staining the wood. And no, the color isn't light yellow but the color of heavy cream.

And here is my newest finish. A small piece, again by Shepherd's Bush, called "Come". The end result was a bit lighter than I thought it should have been but these were the colors that came in the kit. Haven't decided on a finish finish--if you know what I mean. Frame? Make into a pinkeep? A cube? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for looking, and get those needles smoking! I hope to be back soon, with another finish. I'm stitching and half done with Fright by Shepherd's Bush. I love reading your blogs and seeing your finishes. Those finishes encourage me. Stitch on.


Cari said...

absolutely GORGEOUS finishes Debs!
You had that wonderful red hair?
I have to pay to get mine that color...LOL
I have a new blog...



Susan said...

"Come Tarry" is gorgeous - I can just imagine how thrilled you are!

Your other finish is cute,too. I would probably finish it as a pinkeep - but that's because I have no imagination! Just make sure you show it off when you do finish it!

Anonymous said...

Come Tarry is absolutely fantastic! Great job with the framing too!! I also love the other piece....what about a flat fold finish?

Leigh said...

OH it's just wonderful! I can't believe you made that frame! I'm in awe!!

I love the other piece too! I like Allison's idea of a flatfold. Or maybe a cube. Can't wait to see what you decide!!

Jane said...

Two great finishes! Come Tarry is a large piece and a great accomplishment to have finished it. The frame looks beautiful and goes with it so well.

Come is lovely too. It looks terrific. I'm not one to advise about finishing, so I'll leave that up to the experts. :) I'm sure whatever you decide will look great.

Nicole said...

Beautiful Debs! I love the frame for Come Tarry and your "Come" finish is beautiful! Your needles and your framing skills are definitely smoking lately! :)