Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An older finish

A friend reminded me that I hadn't posted a picture of the finish "Morning Berries" by LHN. Sorry about that. I got finished and immediately started working on learning how to do ring tags. And look, my picture is crooked. I take terrible photos, and this one had to be taken while the stitching was hanging over the side of my bed, it's so long. I really enjoyed stitching this one, and the recommended fabric was the greatest to work on but I'm not totally pleased with how it turned out. Second guessing myself on my choices of silk colors. I used Belle Soie, for any new readers.

The ring tags are addictive--I'm doing the finishing today on number 3 and 4, with one more that I want to do. I'm trying to decide if I want to do the stitching for number 5 first, and then finish all of them at the same time. On a recent trip to Wal Mart's, I found more grommets--I used that in the first finish--and found that they come in a host of sizes. Very surprising. Could have used that on my first one--the grommets I had here are very small, and didn't go through my piece all the way. So, you get to only see the front of my piece, LOL.

As soon as I'm finished with the others, I'll scan and post them. I have to say that these are really fun to do--you can choose anything you want to stitch, in any color, with any fabric, or just a lovely motif that you are fond of, and make it into a ring tag. And it's nice to have that little decoration hanging with your threads. Hmmm, perhaps a ring tag exchange is in order. Anyone up for that?

Happy stitching, everyone. Thanks for stopping by.


vEr0n!c@ said...

The picture might be crooked but your stitching is perfect. Rest assured that I think you made the right choice in choosing the silk colours. It looks beautiful stitched up in them.

Nicole said...

Morning Berries is beautiful Debs!! I love it! And I love your floss tag! Can't wait to see the others! :)

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish! Your key tag looks great!

Susan said...

It's a beautiful finish, Debs!

Your ring tag is lovely. I just bought myself a setting tool for the eyelets last weekend, but haven't had a chance to try them out yet. I can't wait to see your other finishes!