Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Victorian Elegance

It's finally done, my version of Indigo Rose's Victorian Elegance. What do you think? I dyed a piece of Belfast linen, and stitched with Waterlilies Iris and Amethyst, and used Magnifica Beads by Mill Hill to finish it off. Just need to find a nice pair of scissors for the fob. I saw a pair on The Silver Needle website that would be perfect, Tooltron but a lovely pale lavender color. Oh, well, put that on my wish list for my birthday.

Now, to decide on my next project. Any suggestions? As always, I thank you for your kind comments and the time you take to read my posts and comment.


Nicole said...

They're beautiful Debs!! I love the purple. What did you use to dye your linen?? Congrats again on two great finishes!

Cindy said...

Very beautiful finish! I would also love to hear how you dyed your linen. The color is fabulous! I have been wanting to attempt dying myself, but have no clue where to start :)

Adana said...

WOW, those are just amazing! Love that color.