Monday, February 12, 2007

Look what I just finished

I saw this design and fell in love. The stitching was not a problem. I did change the colors because blue is more to my taste than the colors the designer choose. Finishing was going to be a problem. I'd never done anything like this, or on this scale. And let me tell you, even with all the pieces stitched, the cording made, the special pieces done, and all the prep work done, it still took me all day Sunday to get it put together, and nearly two hours to sew it all the way around. Had to do the pincushion twice and it doesn't look exactly like it should as the designer used silk to cover it and I had to use linen. (No silk in the house of the right color.) I did change the way the scissor pocket was finished. I didn't like the way it was tucked and sewn so I finished it like the inside pages were finished. Instead of lining it with silk, which the scissor tips would pierce and damage, I applied a backing of ultra suede and that worked just fine. I'm hoping to find a pair of blue handled scissors to match the set.

I stitched this project on white Belfast linen, with Threadgatherer Silk 'n Colors Alpine Grass and Irish Blues. The cording was made from the Irish Blues, with the scissor bow made of 6 strands and the outside cording made with 9 strands each.

This was sort of a challenge piece for me, it's something I've never done. It was, in some ways, more difficult than I had thought, and in some ways easier. So, my challenge for you--to try something you have never done before and post about it. One of these days, I'll finish the edging on my first crocheted sweater, and post a picture of it. Took me all last winter to get it crocheted and by then it was too warm to wear it. (Of course, most of the sweater was crocheted while riding in the truck.) With the 24 hours of snow heading our way, its just the time for it. And I think I'll pull the yarn I have to start my first knitted sweater. But, if we are stuck in the house by the 8-12 inches of snow heading our way, maybe I'll just stitch. Get those WIP's out and get the needles smoking.

Keep safe, keep warm, and keep stitching.


Deb said...

It's beautiful Debs, I knew you could do it! :)

Alison said...

Just gorgeous, Debs! Who is the designer?

Maria said...