Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Framed Finish

Seems like lately all I've had are small finishes. This one, at least, I got framed right after finishing. This is Winter ABC by Shepherd's Bush. The mat was included in the kit. It was fun stitching this one--here in Indiana, it was frigid the entire time so stitching on a snowman was quite apt. I tried to get the same color in my frame as they used with the dark mat and blue fabric. Now to find a place to hang this piece.

I've been working on a stitching to decorate a hornbook thread keeper that I received for Christmas. I hope to be back in a day or so with the results. The stitching is completed.

I really do need to find something larger to stitch on but these "instant gratification" small pieces seem to be addictive. Until next post, keep warm, (or cool) and keep interested in your stitching. You are leaving behind a legacy that will live on.


Jane said...

Another fantastic finish, Debs! Love those SB exclusives. I think Alison wants to get this one. You're on a roll girl!

Vonna said...

What a pretty finish! Love it!

Rachel said...

Wow Debs, you finished that quickly! I haven't even started mine yet - I got distracted! LOL

Michele said...

You SB fob is gorgeous!

(I got my Roberta scissors here http://mikeusa.com/ - great price, too. Not affiliated, just a happy customer!)

Patti said...

Oh WOW I love that. And your SB fob is TO DIE FOR!!! I really love that. You are on such a SB roll. Love Patti xxx