Sunday, September 17, 2006

A New Finish

It was a long time coming. Started last year, but with Christmas stitching, and 20 scarves to knit, it languished in the bottom of my pile for months. Seemed to take forever to get done, but finally, I'm happy to report, I got it finished, ironed, and scanned. Had to scan it in two parts, but my friend Deb "stitched" the two pictures together for me so that I could show it in its entirety. Was it worth the several months spent stitching it?

There were spots in this sampler that I despised doing. The whitework section was the worst for me. And the top hill seemed to take forever. I'll always be thankful to Lancy for sending me some Williamsburg green to finish it. My favorite section was the sheepies. I'm thinking I can use those cute sheep for other things. In fact, I have this Adam's Original bag with a linen front that they would look perfect on.

My next project will be a Christmas gift for my Father. And I'll also add Drawn Thread's Gameboard as my next SAL with Adana. She's so far ahead of me, I don't know if I can catch up. But, I'll have some extra time when she heads for Utah to the SB retreat. While she's having a great time, I'll be feverishly stitching.

Until next time, keep those needles smokin'.


Alison said...

Oh my goodness! Deb that looks absolutely fantastic. What a great job!!! The story of your trip to the lns is great too. You poor girl...not having been in an lns for 2 years. :)

Susan said...

Lovely work, Debs!

I'm glad you had a nice trip to HOS - it's always a fun place to visit, isn't it :)

Kath said...

What a super new finish Debs. It's beautiful and how proud you must be of it.

Your trip to the lns must have been great too.

Nicole said...

Beautiful Debs!! I just found your blog, can't wait to read more! :) Congrats on the great finish!!

lena-lou said...

I have just found your blog and want to say congrats on this finish. I was looking at it the other day (the design) along with Oh Beautiful (as I fancy to do a large SB next year) and think they are very similar. You have done it beautifully :-)